Customer Service improve in your company 10 keys here 2020

Customer service is vital for the smooth running of any organization. The client, who must always be at the center of our commitment and action, must feel that he is served in an agile, friendly and correct manner and, above all, that his expectations are exceeded. In today’s post, we will see 10 keys to improve our customer service.

Customer service encompasses all those processes and departments that interact with the customer or consumer. However, the service or department that communicates directly with customers is almost always designated with this concept, where they can contact for further information, request technical service, make complaints, suggestions, etc.

10 keys to customer service

1. The customer comes first

It is obvious, but it should almost be repeated like a mantra throughout the organization, and especially by workers linked to customer service.

2. Listen, listen and listen

Listening actively means that the receiver prepares to listen, concentrates on what the sender says and is ready to provide answers. Active listening is, perhaps, the most significant factor for the success of the customer service process. Some recommendations to work active listening in customer service would be:

  • Work concentration, avoiding distractions 
  • Listen until the end of the issuer’s argument.
  • In the case of having to ask questions to find out more information, they must be formulated so that our interest is transmitted to the client.
  • Do not interrupt the client while he is explaining his problem, complaint or request.
  • Reflect previously on how you are going to try to help the client, avoiding giving premature solutions little thought.
  • Being empathetic, trying to understand the emotions of the issuer, his problem, his needs, and expectations, without detracting from the problem he poses and making him always feel our interest.

3. Transmit an image

It is important to transmit an image linked to some values ​​such as the following: 

  • Trust.
  • Diligence and professionalism
  • Credibility.
  • Kindness and sympathy.

In communication it is not only important what is said, but how it is said, in addition to non-verbal communication. How we communicate and what steps we take to respond to the customer, how long and with what result will be the cornerstones to reach an image with the values ​​described

4. Act

It is not only to listen to the client actively and courteously but also to follow the procedure to solve the problem. That is, take note of your need, issue or request and resolve it. In addition, this action must be:

  • Agile.
  • Simple, that does not complicate the life of the client.
  • Efficient. Solve the problem with the minimum volume of resources.

5. Make customer service very accessible

This is as much for the accessibility of place or space as of time. Access to the service must be an easy process, much better if it is multichannel (if the client can arrive by phone, email, in person, etc.) and with wide opening hours.

6. Empower the customer service department

Give it autonomy, allow it to have room for action to solve the issues, with the possibility of having a budget and with capacity, in short, to adopt agreements with the client. At the same time, it must be a prepared team, with a lot of knowledge about the company’s products and services.

7. Work in a team

The entire customer service department must work in a cohesive and cooperative manner, with the common objective of meeting customer expectations.

8. Have a good quality control system

Have a good quality control system that, among other things, can assess customer satisfaction with the service and give feedback on possibilities for continuous improvement.

9. Fulfill all that is promised

Otherwise, we will have frustrated clients that will harm our reputation. Currently, the client has many ways to convey his frustration. In fact, his opinion is so powerful that currently, in the decision-making process of the clients, the most important factor is precisely what other customers think about the company, product or service. Portals like Tripadvisor are just an example of this new customer power.

10. Have a well-trained customer service department

A customer service department that has been very well recruited, selected and motivated. The workers are our internal clients and, therefore, their satisfaction also counts!

Thus, customer service is not an easy process. It requires specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be managed efficiently and with quality. In addition, it does not escape us that it is a differential factor in the face of competition and that the customer is currently powerful and his ability to influence can improve or worsen our reputation.

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