What is the Google natural language API?

Google Natural Language API – When we mention the word Google, our famous search engine, and other widely used applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, or the entire suite of applications for working in the cloud come to mind.

However, Google is much more than that. It is a giant that is constantly developing new applications, serving its other tools for use in the cloud aimed at both professionals and everyday people.

What is the Google natural language API?

Google has developed a set of APIs called Cloud Machine Learning aimed at developers and data analysts to execute complex machine learning models.

The natural language API is one of the APIs that make up this set of APIs. Specifically, this API is a tool for developers who seek the understanding of natural language and thus be able to automatically learn from them the texts examined and provide information on the structure of this and its meaning.

This description I have made may not be easily compressible for people who are not dedicated to these areas of development, so I will try to clarify what it is.

With this API, applications can be developed that is dedicated to analyzing the written text or even the oral message of a user to understand what he means and make decisions based on it.

You can analyze user opinions, analyze conversations and understand audios so that the user’s feelings can be deduced from your analysis. Within the analysis to be carried out, the API is able to extract specific information from a text that may interest us such as locations, names of people, names of organizations, events, numbers, etc. …

Large corporations use this API to be able to have a better knowledge of their users by analyzing the different communication channels they can use such as chats, emails, and social networks.

What can the natural language API provide

As we have been able to understand what has been explained so far, with this API we can have much more specific knowledge of the profile of our users.

This information will allow us to elaborate content clearly oriented to our specific users and therefore have closer interactivity with them.

As we all know who has the information has the power. Well, through this API we will be able to be more powerful since we will have detailed information about all our users.

Through this information, we will be able to classify our users according to the different categories that interest us to later be able to perform actions on them.

With the API we can define the machine learning patterns that interest us so that by analyzing the texts provided by our users through various channels, we can classify them instantly.

Another advantage is that the API supports different languages ​​and is able to analyze texts in all supported languages, which will allow us to analyze various sources if our page is multi-language.

With all this set of possibilities, we can clearly optimize the content of our website. This optimization will not only serve to get closer to our users but will also help us in the SEO positioning of our page.

Best of all, it is a free tool that we are sure to take advantage of.

If you haven’t seen the possibilities yet, Google allows you to try the tool. You just have to go to their website and enter a text that will analyze you.

You will see that different analyzes may arise from this analysis. On the one hand, an analysis of entities that contains the test is performed.

An analysis of the so-called feeling is also performed. Here is shown according to a score that Google assigns the character of the text if it is positive or negative.

Another analysis that is performed is the syntax that may have some Delivery interest and finally, a categorization of the text based on its content.

All these parameters of analysis are those that the developer then adapts to their needs so that the analysis focuses on what really matters for each of the analyses.

Final words

In short, Google with this API that complements the rest of Google’s API for Machine Learning offers developers a powerful tool to analyze texts and generate content according to the needs of our users. It is a step further in artificial intelligence and process automation.

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