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Online Accounts – The accounts or user profiles are records in the database of various services offered through the internet, made by users who have gone through a registration process in which provides your personal information. Normally it is possible to access any website without an account created, however, when a personalized experience is necessary, the creation of an account is essential.

The requirements to create an account on a service on the internet are generally personal data, an access key or password (later we will give you tips to choose a secure password), recovery information and other information that vary depending on the service in which you want to register It is possible to create an account from a computer or from a mobile device, the latter being the most common medium today with the rise of cell phones and the corresponding applications provided by each service.

Online Accounts Guide

On the internet, the services are divided into categories, in which there are competitors that offer practically the same service as a competition; they offer additional badges and benefits in order to differentiate themselves from the rest. However, there are some undisputed leaders, who although in most cases do not have 100% of the market share, occupy a dominant position and it is practically impossible for competitors to unseat them.


The email is a service considered essential, as it constitutes one of the methods of Internet communication more relevant. Having an account with an email provider at the same time will allow you to sign up for other services that request the email address as an identity verification method, along with the password. Although it is possible to note that lately many services allow the creation of an account with a telephone number instead of an email, this does not mean that the email has ceased to have prominence.


It is the email service owned by Microsoft, is one of the leaders when it comes to email. An Outlook account also provides access to the other services that Microsoft has to offer, such as OneDrive, the Microsoft Office online office suite, Xbox, among others. The Outlook service went through several name changes: previously called it was called Hotmail, then it was renamed Windows Live Mail and also MSN Hotmail.


It is an American company founded in 1995, whose main and most popular service is email. The Yahoo! email It is third in terms of user quota, only behind Gmail and Outlook. In addition to email, Yahoo! It has a search engine (which uses the Bing algorithm), a news portal, sports, finance, among others.


This is Google’s email service, which at the same time allows you to access the other services offered by this company. By registering an account in Gmail you automatically get 15 GB of free storage that will be distributed to your Google account.

Those are just some of the email services available, however, they take most of the market share. Each of these services provides an email address preceded by an @ and the domain of the service in question.

Social networks

Without a doubt, social networks have leadership when we refer to online services. And it is that practically any person has at least one social profile with the objective of keeping abreast of everything that happens in their closest environment (and not so close). Some of the most common social networks are:


It is a social network created in 2004 and currently leading the social segment on the Internet. The owner company, Facebook Inc., also owns WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. This social network is accessible through its web versions and applications for Android and iOS.


It is a social network owned by Facebook, Inc. that specializes in photos and videos. It has an application for Android as well as iOS, as well as a web version accessible from


It is a social application that allows you to send messages (in the form of text, videos, and images) that are self-destroyed after a certain time. In addition, it also has the function of uploading stories, a section for sharing content with the contacts added in the application up to 24 hours after it is published.

These are just some social services that can be found on the internet. Many people also consider instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger as a social network, which also requires the creation of an account through a telephone number.

Dating services Online Accounts

Although social networks can also be considered, dating services are services created to meet people. By creating and completing a profile in one of these services it will be possible to navigate through other profiles and “like” them, so that, in the event of a coincidence of tastes, a conversation is enabled. Other dating services such as POF work by looking for exact matches in terms of personal tastes. Some of the most used dating services are:


  • It is a dating service or to meet people through the internet that works through a mobile application, although it has recently implemented its browser version. Its owner is Match, Inc. and its main competitors are Badoo, POF, Facebook Appointments, Grinder, among others.


  • Formerly known as Plenty Of Fish, it is one of the pioneers when it comes to online dating services. Created in 2003 by a single entrepreneur, it has not ceased to reap success, having accumulated millions of users today. In 2015, the company Match (also the owner of Tinder) acquired POF for 575 million dollars.


  • This is a social network to meet people who are active since 2006. It was founded by a Russian entrepreneur in the form of a website for computers, however, not to be left behind they have enabled an application for mobile devices, very similar to Tinder’s

The largest company specializing in dating or dating is Match Group, Inc., it owns services such as POF, Tinder, OkCupid,, among others. Without a doubt, we are talking about a booming market in an increasingly digitalized world.

Streaming Online Accounts

Other accounts most requested by users on the internet are streaming accounts or content on demand. These services allow access to multimedia content such as movies, series, and music at any time. In many of them, the requirement is the creation of an account, being able to be the same for free access or requiring a monthly payment.


It is a service that allows you to access a catalog of movies and series online by paying a subscription. Netflix has not always been a digital service. Since 1997 – a year of its foundation – Netflix offers movies in physical format for rent, just as BlockBuster did. It was not until 2007 that he began offering the video-on-demand service on the Internet in the United States, expanding to more countries just as of 2011.


  • It is a service specialized in the transmission of music through streaming.
  • This is the leader in this segment, with millions of users who pay a subscription to the company’s “premium” service, although several of them also choose to use the free version.
  • It has applications for various platforms, in addition to a web version.

Cloud storage Online Accounts


  • It is an online storage service that also allows you to share files around the internet.
  • With its innovative file encryption system, promises maximum security when storing your data.
  • Mega was founded in 2013 by Kim Dotcom, also the founder of the extinct Megaupload.

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