Content Marketing – 7 steps to create the best content plan for your blog

The content marketing has become in recent years a lot of importance in the marketing strategies of many companies. Publish random content that lacks a previously established meaning, order, times and message do not give any results in the short, medium or long term. That is why today we give you the keys so you can make the best content plan for your blog. Are you with us?

Generate leads thanks to your content

Sometimes due to ignorance and other times due to lack of resources, the content section of its website does not express the real possibilities it has when it comes to attracting, convincing and loyalty to potential buyers.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing 7 steps to create the best content plan for your blog

1. Analysis of the situation

Make a description of the current situation of your company. It is not necessary to make it as complete as in a general Content marketing plan. Doing a SWOT analysis and a small list of the actions of your competition will detect how you are failing and how you can solve it with your new blog content plan. 

2. Definition of objectives and KPI’s

It is time to set the objectives you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term. The ideal number of objectives is between 2 and 10, which we recommend being SMART. 

Some objectives that are set out in detail, that are easily measurable, realistic, relevant to your company and that are in a time frame will serve as a good guide when it comes to posing the contents having a high probability to reach them.

3. Target audience

Knowing who you are targeting is one of the fundamental parts of a blog content plan. If we do not use the proper communication, we will deviate in the message and the way of giving it causing a failure in the plan.

If you operate in a high-volume market and have the option of targeting different audiences, we recommend you segment them and start with the ones that make the most purchases and the products that have the most value.

4. Strategy definition

In this part of the content plan for a blog, the strategies to follow are established based on the previously established objectives. We differentiate the following 5 types of complementary strategies from each other:

Informative content

Here the strategy is based on disseminating informative content, relevant to your target audience. Thus you can aspire to be one of their main means of communication in the matter that you offer. 

Content-focused on your brand

The strategy focused on publishing content focused on your brand, in order to improve and strengthen its image.

Viral content

This strategy is to detect content on the Internet with a high level of dissemination and create similar ones to make them viral and have a greater chance of receiving traffic to the web.

Content to gain traffic

It consists of focusing the strategy on the use of as many keywords as necessary to increase the levels of traffic to the web regardless of its quality. 

Content to improve my conversion

In this case, the efforts are focused on finding the keywords that give you the most conversion despite the lower traffic to our website. 

5. Broadcast channels

Not all channels are valid to spread the contents of your blog. Establish which are the most effective or, in other words: those consumed by your target audience, so that your actions are widely disseminated. We differentiate the following 3 broadcast media: 

Own media: It is your own blog through guides, infographics, Ebooks, news, etc., your social networks and mail. In short, it is the channel that you control and on which your blog content plan will focus.

Means of reference: These channels show your content published by third parties in an organic way, it is what is translated by the community. 

Paid media: These are paid channels, from banners, promoted articles and sponsored posts on social networks. It is a way to reach a specific segment quickly although it will not have an effect as solid as with the previous ones since the connection with the brand has not yet been created.

6. Calendar of publications

It establishes the date and period of each publication, the type of content for each day and the distribution channels. So you can track the contents and make a short, medium and long term planning.

Doing this planning will be a good guide to fulfill the strategy without distraction. In addition to making it easier for you to analyze the impact of each content on each channel during the planned dates.

7. Measurement of the results

To know if your blog content plan has been a success and you must strengthen the strategy or on the contrary, you have to rethink the actions you have carried out is through the monitoring of the data obtained based on the impact of your publications. 

Use programs like Google Analytics and analyze the statistics panel of your social networks to see what content works and which are the most viewed by your users. 

We hope these steps to help you build an effective blog content plan have been helpful. 

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Final Verdict

This have been plenty of cases. These really are the end of this iceberg. I expect they provide you with a nice idea about exactly what is necessary to become always a fantastic information marketer.

Moreover, I truly expect that you simply see it will not require immense marketing and advertising funds. Nowadays, everyone may utilize content promotion with their own edge.

The entire world receives shinier daily. Provided that people shall all need to work with articles promotion should you would like to stay powerful.

People that target their electricity on telling excellent tales, regardless of the stage or circumstance, will triumph at the lengthy-term.

Yelling again will not support you. Just crying better stuff will.

What exactly is the own story? Have you been currently using material promotion?

In case you might have every different great example I have overlooked, you should let me in these opinions.

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